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Digital Health technologies have the ability to transform the way that the world’s healthcare is delivered. The combination of innovative softwares, hardwares and new ways of working provide enhanced personalised diagnostic care, increased therapeutic accuracy and with greater financial efficiency.

Jersey is a centre of excellence that accelerates the testing, development and funding of innovations in Digital Health.

Andrew is founding director of several digital health start-up companies and thought leader for the MedTech consortium of organisations in Jersey. He provides consultancy work for Digital Health startups and is a an Editorial Board member of Nature’s Digital Medicine journal.

Andrew runs a Digital Health research laboratory in Jersey called The Allan Lab:

“A space to combine industry, academia, technology and Jersey’s unique jurisdictional advantages to advance the understanding, management and training in the field of Cardiology.”

If you are part of an established Digital Health company looking to relocate to Jersey or if you are earlier in the development of your product and looking for advice and investment then please contact Andrew.

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The cardiology unit is always in need of extra funds to support new heart equipment purchases, local heart research, and patient and staff education.

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