7 March 2018

“The patient takes charge” – enhanced care with Digital Health technologies

12 October 2017

Am I at risk of having a heart attack?

3 June 2017

The wearable technology revolution

22 March 2017

Have you had your heart checked yet?

22 December 2016

What is high blood pressure and why does it matter?

14 June 2016

Cardiology Team of the Year

30 March 2016

The quantified self

29 February 2016

University Hospital Jersey?

6 January 2016

Digital Health in 2016

26 May 2015

Reading the Vital Signs: Why Jersey Must Embrace Digital Health

20 March 2015

Heart screening in Jersey

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The cardiology unit is always in need of extra funds to support new heart equipment purchases, local heart research, and patient and staff education.

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