26 November 2023 / 3:21 pm

I am so proud of the Jersey Heart Team. This wonderful group of nurses, doctors and professionals who work tirelessly to enhance the quality and quantity of life of Islanders. Heart disease affects 1 in 3 of our population and the work that our staff is doing has an enormous positive impact on families in Jersey.

So, it was brilliant to recently receive the Health and Community Services “Team of the Year 2023” award from the Government in recognition of our work.


Our nomination including this from a senior health manager:

“Their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovative approach to healthcare, and remarkable contributions to the field of cardiology make them an invaluable asset to both the hospital and the community. I wholeheartedly endorse their nomination for this prestigious honour. This is a team that never stops advocating for better patient care and innovative ways of achieving their objectives. They rarely take “no” for an answer and are recognised within HCS for their amazing clinical leadership. More than a team they are a family with a big heart!”

These awards really help team morale and help us continue to help our patients. Hopefully lots more to come!




For more information about the Jersey Heart Team visit this link

If you would like to help support the team then please make a donation via the Jersey Heart Support Group

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The cardiology unit is always in need of extra funds to support new heart equipment purchases, local heart research, and patient and staff education.

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