Ambulatory blood pressure monitor (24 hour BP)

23 May 2021 / 3:13 pm

What is it?

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a small portable machine that measures your blood pressure intermittently for 24 hours during a normal day. This provides a true measure of your blood pressure profile. It is particularly useful when clinic recordings have been slightly elevated (the so called “white-coat” hypertension).

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How is it Performed?

A blood pressure cuff is placed on your left arm and connected to the monitor by a plastic tube. The monitor is worn around the waist on a belt. You will be given a diary card to record activities including time that you retire to bed and arise. Blood pressure recordings are made automatically every 30 minutes during the day and every hour during the night. The machine may try and take a second recording if it cannot record the first for some reason. This is normal. It is important that you wear the machine for the whole 24 hours. Try and forget that it is there and lead a normal day’s life (including any normal sports or active pursuits).

How long does it take?

The test takes about 20 minutes to set up. The recording is made for 24 hours. You will then need to return the monitor.

Are there any risks?

No although sleep disturbance has been reported. Do not bath or shower with the machine. Please do not remove or tamper with the cuff or machine.

What happens next?

After you return your monitor, the results will be analysed and a report generated, usually within 7 days.

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